Will I Get a Warranty on Products (Smartphone) Purchased From AliExpress?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Importing Guide

Normally, I prefer GearBest or Banggood for the costly product because both the websites accept payments from PayPal. If I will face any problem then I can contact PayPal support anytime to get the solution. But AliExpress is a completely different, this website totally depends on the seller and anyone can be scammed by a seller.

There are so many people who do not buy anything from AliExpress just because of the warranty issue. So Today, I will try to share all the details about AliExpress warranty.

Does AliExpress Give Warranty?

Yes! You can get three types of warranty on AliExpress, Allianz Global Assistance, The Warranty Group, and the Seller Warranty. Actually, I never care about the warranty on products purchased from AliExpress because I know getting the warranty is not easy and sometimes getting a warranty isn’t possible.

1) Allianz Global Assistance

This warranty is valid only on phone or tablet. Currently, they offer service only in these six countries, France, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands. As per the AliExpress, If a phone or tablet you bought on AliExpress stops working due to a manufacturing defect, Allianz Global Assistance will help to quickly repair or replace your device. I have never used their service so I cannot tell you in details. You can visit this page to read more about this warranty.

2) The Warranty Group

Currently, they offer service only in these five countries, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, and the USA. This warranty is valid only on phone and they guarantee that they will replace your phone if it fails due to an electrical or mechanical fault within a one-year period. You’ll receive the replacement with the same brand and model. If suspended, they will choose a better device for you from a local warehouse. You can visit this page to read more about this warranty.

3) Seller Warranty

Normally, The seller offers a warranty only on electronics products but this warranty is directly provided by the seller so they can offer a warranty on any product and in any country. You have to check the product page to know that they are offering the warranty on that particular product or not.

However, Getting the seller warranty is very costly because most of the time seller will tell you to reship the product for replacement. And, Returning the product to the seller’s address will cost you 5-10 times more than the repairing at the local store.

In short seller’s warranty is like no warranty because You can’t afford to pay the return shipping charge. But, If you will face any problem within the purchase protection time then you can open a dispute to get a refund.


As you can see, the first two warranties are limited to the few countries and getting seller’s warranty is very costly. Few customers also complain that they haven’t received any replacement, refund or support from Allianz Global Assistance and The Warranty Global. So, I would recommend you to use GearBest or Banggood instead of AliExpress.

I hope you found this article helpful but, If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. I want to import an earphone worth 15$ from aliexpress. If I choose GATI currier, will my product be easily cleared custom without custom charges. Will I have to pay delivery charge separately to GATI?

    1. You will receive the earphone without customs duty and delivery charge.

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