Teclast F7 Plus Full Review — Is This The Best Laptop Under $350?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Review

Teclast F7 Plus — I think this is the best option, If you are looking for a notebook with at least 8 GB of RAM. Actually, I wanted to buy Chuwi LapBook Pro because of Fully-Laminated display with a very slim bezel.

But Finally, I bought Teclast F7 Plus because RAM is more important than little better display. I am using this laptop for more than a week and I can say that you cannot find a better laptop than this under $350.

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Teclast F7 Plus Unboxing

Teclast F7 Plus Unboxing

Inside the box, You will get a Teclast F7 Plus notebook, Charger, User Manual, and a Screen Protector, Which is pre-applied on the screen.

Teclast F7 Plus Design

No doubt that this laptop looks premium and stylish with metal body and slim design. This laptop is not fully built with the metal, only top and bottom side is metal. Keyboard side is built with plastic and has a little bit of flex but the build quality is very good.

Teclast F7 Plus Design

Also, The logo on this laptop lights up, which makes it more stylish. The Teclast F7 Plus weighs around 3.5 pounds, which is around 10% heavier than the Chuwi Lapbook SE but Teclast F7 Plus also has a bigger display.

Teclast F7 Plus Display

Teclast F7 Plus has a 14-inch FHD IPS Non-Laminated Display. Actually, Teclast says that it has a Narrow Bezel Display but bezels are not very small. Both the side bezels are around 8mm wide, which is almost twice compared to the Chuwi Lapbook Pro.

Teclast F7 Plus Display

The Non-Laminated display is not bad, everything looks perfect. It offers enough brightness for indoor/outdoor use, good viewing angle, color quality, and sharpness. However, Due to the Non-Laminated display, the laptop is 3-4mm extra thick. Also, If you will compare this display with another laptop’s laminated display then you will notice that the black color is not deep black, it’s like the grey color.

Teclast F7 Plus Performance

The Teclast F7 Plus is powered by the Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Quad-Core processor. It runs at a frequency of 1.1GHz and it can reach up to 2.4GHz. The Teclast F7 Plus comes with activated Windows 10. It has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD Storage. You can increase the storage and 8 RAM is limited but it’s enough for most users.

Obviously, you cannot expect a powerful performance from this laptop but it is good enough for all the daily tasks like Browsing, Video Streaming, Photo Editing, Microsoft Office, etc. You can also play games like Asphalt 9, Nova 3 and others. I also tried to use more than 15 tabs on chrome and it handled all the tasks without lag.

Teclast F7 Plus Battery

It has a 5000 mAh Built-In Battery, which can easily give you 7-8 hours of backup on moderate use. If you will play games or use photo editing software then you will get around 3-4 hours of backup. Overall, I can say this laptop has great battery backup compared to my last laptop T-Bao X8S.

Teclast F7 Plus laptop comes with a 12V-2Amp charger, which takes around 2.5 hours to completely charge the smartphone. And, the charging cable is also 2.5 meters long so it will be easy to charge the laptop even if the power cord is away from the desk.

Teclast F7 Plus Keyboard & Trackpad

This Laptop has a full-sized chicklet style keyboard. The key placement of the keyboard is good but the right shift button is very small. This is a backlit keyboard with two different brightness setting but I think backlit placement on some keys is not good. Overall, the typing experience is good but you need a few days to get used to.

Teclast F7 Plus Keyboard and Trackpad

Teclast F7 Plus has a very big plastic trackpad, which is accurate and responsive and also supports gestures. The left and right-click button provide good tactile feedback. Trackpad’s Palm rejection is also accurate so you will not face any problem while typing on the keyboard.

Teclast F7 Plus Audio & Ports

This laptop has 4 Build-In Speakers but there is no visible grill or hole in the laptop for speakers. I think they have included the speakers on the display hinge side. Despite having 4 speakers, the sound is not very loud but the sound quality is good.

Left Ports

On the left side, you can find a USB 3.0 Port, a Charging Port, and an HDMI Port. And a USB 3.0 Port, a 3.5 mm Audio Jack and an SD Card Slot are placed on the right side.

Right Ports

Teclast F7 Plus Verdict

As I said earlier, If you are looking for a laptop for all the basic tasks then Teclast F7 Plus is the best option under $350. This laptop has everything, good display, great battery backup, good build quality, and good performance. However, If you want a laptop with a bigger display then you can check Teclast F15 otherwise Teclast F7 Plus is the best option.

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