ShopUSA Review – is This The Best Parcel/Freight Forwarding Service?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Review

How tough is it to find the right parcel forwarding companies for yourself? For me, it was a tough call because there are many Parcel Forwarding companies out there, and each one has its pros and cons.

I wanted to import a laptop from the USA but didn’t want to waste my hard-earned money by choosing a bad parcel forwarding company. So, I started looking for a reliable parcel forwarding company. After reading lots of positive and negative reviews, I found that MyUS and ShopUSA are the best parcel forwarding company.

Finally, I opted for ShopUSA because of its low shipping charge. But, later I regret my decision. Here I’m sharing my experience and review of ShopUSA, and it will share all the pros and cons of this parcel forwarding service and let you decide if you should trust ShopUSA or not.

Want to skip this detailed review? Then I would recommend you to use MyUS instead of ShopUSA.

ShopUSA Review: What’s Good & Bad?

Like every other product and service, each company has their pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of ShopUSA that I experienced.

Pros of ShopUSA

1. Reliable Company:

You do not have to worry about your product’s security because ShopUSA is a trusted company. When I bought a Dell Inspiron 7579 2-in-1 laptop from Amazon using my ShopUSA address, they notified me via email within just 1 hour of delivery, as well as uploaded the image of the product.

2. 24 x 7 Customer Support:

ShopUSA is always ready to help you via its email and live chat support. You can also request a call back from ShopUSA support team. And, they also have a dedicated e-mail id and contact number for Indian shoppers.

3. 5 Days Free Storage:

ShopUSA provides 5 days of free storage on the basic plan. If you want to import a single product then 5 days is enough. But, If you want to import multiple products and want more than 5 days storage then you can use a premium plan, which comes with 30 days of storage and free consolidation.

4. Fast Shipment:

ShopUSA is really Fast. I created my shipment request on 26/09/2017 and they dispatched my package on the same day.

Cons of ShopUSA

1. Hidden Shipping Charge:

If you are using ShopUSA’s Shipping Charge Calculator then you should stop using it from today because later you will be surprised to see an unexpected increase in the shipping charge. Their shipping charges are based on the dimensional weight of the package.

What is dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight, or volumetric weight, is a technique used by international couriers to calculate shipping charges based on the amount of space an item fills in an airplane’s cargo area. It is calculated as (Length x Width x Height) / (Dimensional Factor).

ShopUSA International Shipping India

If you are unable to understand the dimensional based calculation, then continue reading.

For Example, You purchased a MacBook Pro 13 from Amazon, then Amazon shipped your Laptop in a 20 X 18 X 5 sized box and the total(actual) weight of the product including shipment box is only 5 LBS.

But, the problem is that ShopUSA shipping charges are based on dimensional weight. To, Calculate the shipping charge, they will multiply the dimension of the box then divide the total by 139.

Dimensional Weight: 20 X 18 X 5 = 1800 » 1800 / 139 = 12.95 LBS » 13 LBS(Billable Weight).

As you can see in the above calculation, ShopUSA will charge you for 13 LBS instead of 5 LBS.

Same happened to me, I calculated $85 dollar shipping charge using ShopUSA’s calculator because actual weight of my package was less than 8 LBS but later they calculated 16 LBS billable weight because the dimension of that package was 20 X 18 X 6. Then, they charged me $141 dollar.

2. Extra Services:

Extra Service provides you extra functionality like Repack-Into Smaller Box, Repack-into Secure Box, Detailed Pictures, etc… But, In my case, ShopUSA’s Extra Service is just to show off.

As You know, ShopUSA was charging me extra money. So, I contacted ShopUSA support via email and they replied me “As we have noticed that your package is having lot of empty space, you can choose for repacking into small box Extra service” (Check Below Screenshot).

ShopUSA Email Support.

That’s why I requested(using their extra service) them to repack my package into a smaller box to decrease the shipping cost. Then I waited for 3 days but even after waiting for 3 days, my extra service request was in pending status. You can see the screenshot below for more detail.

ShopUSA Extra Service.

Then, I contacted ShopUSA’s live chat support to know, why status is still pending. You will be amazed to see that reply from ShopUSA’s chat support.

ShopUSA Live Chat Support

As you can see in the above screenshot, Support Agent is saying “While doing repacking it is going to unsecured package. Please delete the task and create ship request.”

I was paying $10 for that extra service but still, they were unable to repack my package. If they would have re-packed my product then I would have saved $50 dollar. But, Just because of their unprofessional service, I paid an extra $50 dollar.

3. No Tax-Free Address:

Shopping US websites is a great way to save money but ShopUSA doesn’t provide tax-free address like MyUS and No Tax-Free means, You may have to pay an extra 7% US Sales Tax.

If the product price is inclusive US sales tax then you can purchase that product using ShopUSA’s Address. Otherwise, Amazon will charge you an extra 7% for that product. You can see the below screenshot for more detail.

ShopUSA No Tax Free Address

Conclusion: Is ShopUSA the Right Choice for You?

Now that you have read my detailed ShopUSA review, you are probably thinking if ShopUSA is right for you?

ShopUSA offers a variety of services but the above mentioned three cons are not allowing me to recommend ShopUSA to anyone.

I will recommend you to use MyUS instead of ShopUSA because:-

  1. No matter what is the dimension of your product box MyUS charges its members based on actual package weight ONLY.
  2. You can always save 7% US Sales Tax because MyUS Provides you Tax-Free Address.


All you have to do is click on the below link to purchase. The discount will be applied automatically.

I hope you found this article helpful but, If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. Thanks for all the great information!
    Is it the same process for buying used laptops from Amazon or ebay ? Also, are there any cheaper countries from which we can import?

    1. Yes! The process is same. And, I don’t think you will find a cheaper laptop in other countries because almost all the laptops brands are from the US.

      Note: I would not recommend you to import used or refurbished laptop because:-

      1) The shipping charge will be same.
      2) Customs duty is based on the access value. So, They can charge you for a new laptop because they don’t know your laptop is used.
      3) etc…

      If you want cheaper laptop then you can import Xiaomi Notebook Series from China.

      1. bro pls tell me if i bought a lappy from usa and ship to india may this website shopusa will they apply me custom duty after it reaches to indian airpot

        1. Yes! They’ll apply custom duty on your laptop.

          1. so if i buy computer hardware items like cabinet cases, processors, gpu’s, ram sticks etc ill have to pay custom duty too??

          2. Yes! Customs Duty is applicable to all imported product.

  2. is MYUS working now?

  3. Yes, Great One. I used ShopUSA. Really very good service. Immediately response from the team. I surely suggest to some people to use the service.

  4. How many % was the custom taxes on your laptop purchase from usa.

    1. I paid 41% customs duty on my laptop. You can read this article for more detail.

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