Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review – Is It Better Than Mi Band 2?

Siddharth Giri/ 16th May, 2020/ Review

If you’re looking to buy a new fitness tracker you’ll find plenty of options in the market. But when it comes to value, there’s nothing that comes close to the Mi Band 3. I’ve used the Mi Band 3 for quite some time and here I’m sharing my experience and review of Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 3 Video Review

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Mi Band 3 Unboxing

Mi Band 3 Unboxing

The Mi Band 3 comes in a standard box and You’ll not gonna get so many things inside the box, You’ll just get a Mi Band 3, a Black Wristband, a USB Cable, and a Chinese User Manual.

Mi Band 3 Design

Xiaomi has done a really great job in design. The Mi Band 3 fixes two of the biggest flaws in the Mi Band 2 design, the non-touch display, and the button. The Mi Band 3 comes with a touchscreen OLED display and a touch button. Xiaomi has also improved the water-proofing on the Mi Band 3 to a rating of 5ATM (that’s up to 50 meters).

The Mi Band 3’s body is available in black color option only. But the strap for the Mi Band 3 comes in three colors — black, deep blue, and orange. The silicone material of the strap is quite flexible and didn’t lose its shape.

Mi Band 3 Display

Xiaomi has put in a big 0.78-inch touchscreen OLED panel inside the tracker. That’s a big improvement compared to the 0.42-inch OLED panel on the Mi Band 2. The 0.78-inch display has a pixel density of 193ppi and display is also brighter than the previous version. However, the display still feels little dim under direct sunlight.

Mi Band 3 Display

Also, since it has a touchscreen display. So, you don’t need to press the button for everything similar to Mi Band 2. You can just swipe to navigate the menus.

Mi Band 3 Battery

The Mi Band 3 comes with a 110mAh battery, which is 40mAh bigger than the previous version. But, The battery life of Mi Band 3 is almost similar to Mi Band 2 because they’ve also included a bigger and brighter display along with a big battery.

Xiaomi claims a battery life of 20 days with the Mi Band 3 and the claim is almost real. In my testing, I found that the battery will last for 10-18 days depending on your usage.

Mi Band 3 Battery

When I was testing the Mi Band 3. I had set the heart rate measurements to every 10 minutes through the day and then I used it for 3 days. After 3 days, the battery was dropped from 76% to 47%. And once you manage to completely drain the battery, Just plug in the charger and It’ll charge the Mi Band 3 in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Please note that the auto heart rate measurements drain quite a lot of battery and Xiaomi warn you about it when you first enabled it.

Mi Band 3 Features

The Mi Band 3 includes all the features of Mi Band 2 and they’ve also added some additional features to it. The Mi Band 3 has steps count, distance walked, calories burned, sleep tracking, auto heart rate tracking, stopwatch, locate your smartphone, incoming calls and messages notifications, etc.

Mi Band 3 Mi Fit App

The Mi Fit App breaks down all the information in an easy-to-use format. By using Mi Fit App, You can set daily goals, view activity details, calories burned, sleep data, heart rate data.

Mi Band 3 Mi Fit App

Mi Band 3 Mi Fit App

You can also enable High heart rate alert and Pace alert(Only for outdoor running). The Band will vibrate when your heart rate goes above the set level or if you run slower than the set speed.

Mi Band 3 Verdict

The Mi Band 3 is definitely worth the upgrade. It has a bigger and brighter display, 110 mAh battery, great design, auto heart rate tracking, stopwatch, notifications, and other useful features. At the price of $30, the Mi Band 3 is the best value for a money fitness band.

But Currently, The Mi Band 3 is not available in India that’s why I have imported it from GearBest using Priority Line Shipping and I’ve received it without customs duty.

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