How Do I Safely Buy Products From GearBest?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Importing Guide

GearBest & Banggood are very popular international shopping websites in India, especially for importing smartphones and tablets. In this article, I am going to show you how you can import products from GearBest and I will cover Banggood in my upcoming article.

Buying a smartphone, tablet or anything from the GearBest is very easy, just like we do on other Indian shopping websites like Flipkart or Amazon. GearBest is not tricky like AliExpress because here we don’t need to find reputed vendors/sellers, we don’t need to choose one shipping method from a big list, etc.

If you want to see the full list of my imported products then you can visit this page.

GearBest always gives huge discounts on smartphones, tablets, and other electronics items. And there are various ways to find offers and discounts on GearBest but I will show you only a few ways.

Steps to Import Products from GearBest:-

1. Find Offer:-

a) You can directly visit GearBest and scroll down to the ‘Mobile & Tablets‘ Section to find the best offers related to Mobiles & Tablets.

b) OR You can visit GearBest » Flash Sale » Daily Deals Section then select category to see the offers related to that category.

2. Check Shipping Date & Method:-

If you don’t want to wait for an extra 15 to 20 days then you should definitely check shipping date. I am writing this article on 21st Nov but as you can see in the below image, shipping date is between 3rd Dec to 8th Dec, which means that you order on any date before 3rd Dec, GearBest will dispatch your product only after December 3.

Note: I placed an order for my Blackview A7 on Aug 26, 2017, and they dispatched my product on 9th September and I received my product on 28th September.

Select Shipping Date And Method in GearBest

And you don’t have to think soo much about shipping method because GearBest offers only four types of shipping method:-

  • Unregistered Air Mail: You cannot track this shipping method.
  • Registered Air Mail: You can track this shipping method until the delivery.
  • Priority Line: This is faster and better than Registered Air Mail.
  • Expedited Shipping: This is Premium Shipping, They offer shipment via EMS or DHL.

You can select any one of the above shipping methods except Unregistered Air Mail. But, If you’re buying an expensive(over $300) product then go for DHL in Expedited Shipping.

3. Enter Address And Select Payment Method:-

After Following all the above steps, you need to click Add to Cart » View Cart » Proceed to Checkout » Enter/Select Shipping Address then select your preferred payment method.

Select Payment Method in GearBest

If you already have a PayPal account then select PayPal OR If you want to make payment using credit/debit card then select the 2nd/3rd option.

I paid my order (Blackview A7) from Debit Card using 2nd Option (Pay by credit card via PayPal) and because I tried to pay my order using 3rd Option (Pay by credit or debit card directly) but 3rd Option was not working for me.

And, I paid for my order (Vernee Mix 2) from Credit Card using the 3rd Option. I haven’t received it yet but I will definitely upload the image after delivery.

Note: There is written beside the second option that “Pay by credit card via PayPal” but the Debit card is also working in this option.

4. Make Payment:-

a) Pay by Credit or Debit Card Directly:- Enter Your Debit/Credit Card Details and Click Pay Now Then GearBest will automatically debit money from your bank account and you will see a “Payment Successful” message.

How to Make Payment on GearBest

b) Pay by credit card via PayPal:- Select Your Country » Enter Card Details » Enter Billing Address & Contact Information Then select Yes, if you want to create PayPal account OR select NO if you don’t want to create PayPal account.

Make Payment on GearBest India

After That Click continue Then GearBest will automatically debit money from your bank account and you will see a “Payment Successful” message like below image.

Buy Products From GearBest India

Note:- International Payment Doesn’t Require One Time Password (OTP) to Complete The Transaction. But Some Bank may ask you to provide OTP to complete the transaction. For Example:- My SBI Credit Card asked me to provide OTP on GearBest Transaction but the Same Card didn’t ask me to provide OTP on Amazon and AliExpress Transaction.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. Do I have to pay any custom tax/fee for priority line ?

    1. Actually, Customs Duty is applicable on all products over ₹2,000($30) rupees. But, Priority Line/Registered Mail will increase the possibility of receiving the product without customs duty. You can read this article for more detail: How To import Product Without Paying Custom Duty in India?

  2. Yesterday ie. 5 may 2018 , i paid 55.99$ on gearbest for xiaomi mijia dashcam through my debit card ,payment was successful. Today on 6 may i got mail from gearbest asking for my debit card pic, showing my name , last 4 digits of the debit card number and expiry date of the card plus my id card ie. Driving licence or any other. Then only they will ship my product. They want all this data in the name of payment verification. What would you suggest me to do?

    1. They just want to verify that you’re the owner of your Credit/Debit Card. So, You can share the detail via email. But in order to protect your card details, Blur(Hide) all the details and just leave the cardholder’s name, the valid date and the last 4 numbers visible.

      But, If you don’t want to share these details then cancel the current order and Place a new order using “Pay by Credit Card via PayPal” option. Click Here for more detail.

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