How to Open Dispute and Claim Full Refund on AliExpress

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Importing Guide

If you have not received your order from AliExpress’s seller and you want to claim the full refund OR The product you received did not match the item description or the received product is damaged and you don’t know how to get the full refund. Then Read This Article!

In this article, I will share some important things which you should know before opening dispute on AliExpress and I will also show you step by step process to open dispute & claim the full refund on AliExpress.

You can get the refund in multiple ways, For Example:-

  1. Full Refund: If the product is cheap then you can contact the seller or open dispute to get the full refund. But, If the product is costly then the seller will ask you to send a video proof to give you the full refund.
  2. Partial Refund: You purchased a smartphone worth $200 and you received that smartphone in working condition but the charger is defective/not-working. In that case, You can request for the partial refund.
  3. Keep Current Product and Get New Product: You purchased a case for your smartphone and received the damaged case. In that case, Seller can offer you a new piece. If you’ll agree then He’ll ship your product and also increase the purchase protection time.
  4. Replacement: You purchased a tablet worth $300 and you received a defective/damaged tablet. In that case, Seller can request you to return that tablet to their address and then they will ship your new piece. Note: Receiving a costly product in defective/damaged/not-working condition is a rare case because they check every product before shipment and pack it very safely.

How to gather evidence to prove your claim?

Normally, You can take clear photos or record a video to prove your claim. But, You can also send a message about your problem to the seller before opening a Dispute. If you’ll receive a reply then this means the seller wants to solve your problem.

But, If you won’t receive a reply then you can use chat’s screenshot as proof. And, You can mention in dispute description that, I tried to contact the seller but I haven’t received a reply from him even after 3 days(or a week). Note: Most of the time I try to contact supplier or seller via message and this works for me.

When can I open a dispute?

As per the AliExpress, You can open a dispute on the 11th day after the shipment and within 15 days after the order finished. But, It’s better to open a dispute after the end of purchase protection time or after 60 days of shipment or after the end of the mentioned delivery time on the product page.

Note: Once I had purchased a product from AliExpress and opted for AliExpress Standard Shipping but the seller had shipped my product using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, which isn’t trackable outside China. That’s why I had opened the dispute instantly after the shipment and AliExpress canceled it. Then I opened dispute again after 60 days and got the full refund.

How To Open Dispute & Claim Full Refund?

1) Sign into your AliExpress account » My Orders » Locate Your Order » Click Open Dispute.

AliExpress Dispute Process

2) Once you will click open dispute, it will view the order detail like below image. Then select the product from the list for which you want to file a claim and click Open Dispute again.

AliExpress Refund Process

3) Then Select ‘Refund Only’ or ‘Return Goods’ depending on your condition. Usually, I select ‘Refund Only’ because returning a product is not easy.

  • Refund Only means that either you did not receive the item(or received damaged item) and you’re applying for a full refund or you did receive the item but you’re not fully satisfied with the product and you want a partial refund (without having to send the item back).
  • Return Goods means that you want to return the item and apply for a full refund.

AliExpress Full Refund

4) Fill all the required details and click Browse to upload pictures or click Add Video to upload video as proof. Note: You can upload pictures up to 2MB in size and Video should not be bigger than 500 MB.

AliExpress Dispute Refund

5) Then Click Submit and wait for the seller’s reply. Note: Previously, We used to escalate the dispute, if the seller is not solving the problem. But now, AliExpress has changed the rule, If you and seller can’t come to an agreement or If the seller will not reply you within 3 days after opening the dispute then AliExpress will automatically step in and help you.

6) Then Seller/AliExpress will give you a proposal, If you’re happy with the proposal then Accept it otherwise Reject it. You can also upload extra evidence and edit the dispute(to modify comments on the proposal).

AliExpress Dispute Proposal


  • Sometimes, I rejected Seller’s proposal but I haven’t rejected AliExpress’s proposal till now. So, I cannot tell you what will happen next if you’ll reject AliExpress’s proposal.
  • Once you accepted the proposal, your dispute will be finished and you’re not allowed to make any changes to your refund request.

I hope you found this article helpful but, If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. Hi there, I opened a dispute and AliExpress has proposed to refund a partial amount, which I accepted. However, my status still says “Dispute Escalated – Investigation Pending”. Do you know what i happening and when I might receive my partial refund?

    1. Don’t Worry! Your dispute will be finished in 1-2 days.

      You’re getting “Dispute Escalated – Investigation Pending” because AliExpress gives time to both the parties to respond to the dispute. You already accepted the proposal but respond time window is still open, which means you and seller can still upload the evidence to the dispute. So, Just wait for few more days.

  2. I’ve had AliExpress offer me a partial refund that is much lower than what I requested. I’m tempted to reject it, but if that’s all I’m going to get then I don’t want to do that. Does anyone know if rejecting the AliExpress proposal will mean that they’ll come back with a better offer?

    I believe the alternative is to open a credit card dispute. I’m hesitant to do that or threaten it in the AliExpress dispute because I’m thinking it may cause AliExpress to ban me.

    If anyone has info about what happens when you reject AliExpress’s offer, please let me know.

    1. Actually, I had faced a similar issue when AliExpress offered me much less than what I was expecting. So at that time, I had not rejected their proposal instead I updated my dispute with a reason to get an extra refund. And later they offered me a better refund.

  3. Hey i have accepted the aliexpress proposal of full amount but the seller send me a seller proposal of 0 rs so i rejected it .So will i get the full amount from the aliexpress proposal point of view

    1. Yes! You will get the full refund.

  4. Sir unknowingly I ordered many of them as ordinary post… Nearly 50… Most of them cainiao super economy global, 4px Singapore, yanwen, sunyou, special line yw, China ordinary small packet plus,…… And my tracking numbers are mostly starting S00000 – 15 digit, some starting with uw, uj, ub, ua – 13 digit…. aliexpress is rejected my dispute for refund saying it is received by buyer…. Even rejected many of my appeals on aliexpress proposal of rejected refund on dispute … Is there a chance I can receive later because of covid delay.. Sir I opened all disputes only after the end of buyer protection period

  5. Salve, ho ordinato un SATURIMETRO su Aliexpress il 12/04/2020 e ad oggi non è ancora arrivato. Nel frattempo me ne sono comprato un altro su AMAZON.
    Viene citato un ritardo dovuto a COVID 19.
    Ho aperto una DISPUTA e ALIEXPRESS che gestice in prima persona la pratica (ho usato la loro spedizione) mi propone di accettare un’ attesa di 10 gg.
    Mi dice di accettare con NEW PROPOSAL solo che non trovo nessun pulsante per accettare.
    Cosa debbo fare?
    Ho aperto anche una contestazione anche con PAYPAL per oggetto NON RICEVUTO.
    Al 12/06/2020 sono 60 gg dalla data di acquisto, ma sembra che per particolari situazioni ALIEXPRESS si riservi di aumentare i giorni di attesa.

    Option 1: Please continue to wait for 10 days
    Response time: 10 days


    1. Actually, I don’t understand your language but I used Google Translate to understand a little bit. “I think you’re trying to say AliExpress is saying you to wait for 10 days.”

      Almost all parcels are getting delayed due to the COVID-19. So, I would recommend you to wait because you don’t have another option.

  6. I opened a dispute with the seller. He or she said I could get a refund. But, I would have to open I dispute. Isn’t that what I already did? I am confused. It looked like the example above. And, I completed all of the questions, and provide all the answers. I am not sure if I am supposed to return the item, or keep it. I spent $11.74. The item doesn’t fit. Sometimes I have trouble with clothes in the shoulders and hip area. So, one size doesn’t always fit all. It depends on the material, and where it’s made.

    I just want a refund on the goods. But, I am more than willing to send the item back. I just need the address. When the package arrived, the label was unreadable.

    I would appreciate you expediting this matter as soon as possible. The order number is 8015710859336916. The order was placed 6/15/20. If you check the history you will see I did file a dispute. I hope that I did it correctly, but if not, I did want a return on the goods.

    Can someone please follow up, and get back with me. I would have preferred to talk to someone, so this can this can get resolved quicker. And, I am sorry that this did not work out, but sometimes we cannot control everything.

    1. After opening the dispute, you need to check the dispute details regularly to see the process. If the seller or AliExpress will offer you a refund, then you will see an Accept button on the dispute page. And, If they will tell you to return the product for a refund then you will see an option to enter the tracking number of the returned package.

      This product is very cheap so they will not force you to return the product. Normally, You will receive a refund. Just go to my orders and check the dispute details.

  7. I recently filed a dispute with a seller. He or she said okay for a refund. My order number is 8015710859336916. The order was placed on 6/15/20. I was having trouble with the seller so I opened a dispute with Ali Express also. But, I have not receive a response. I would like a return on the goods.
    I have already explained in detail, as to what the issue at hand is. And, I don’t want to reiterate it all over again. But, I will say that I will not be shopping with your company in the future. I don’t feel some of the things that I was asked were appropriate.
    I am willing to ship you back the merchandise, as long as you issue the full refund. And, I need the address, because it was unreadable upon arrival. I will also, want confirmation via email, that the refund has been issued to my cc #. And, I will send you the tracking number when I send the item back to you.
    (The merchandise total was $11.74)

    1. What happens when we are unable to Accept or Decline the Seller’s offer within the 3 day’s time? Will Aliexpress step in or will they take the side of the seller. Thank you!

      1. Yes. If you and the seller will not come to an agreement, AliExpress will step in to solve the problem.

  8. I ordered 2 items (USD8 and USD250 +tax USD25) and seller said shipped and provided tracking number. Then 1 week later seller said the USD250 not available anymore (actually I contacted manufacturer and they said it’s discontinued). Seller asked me to raise dispute for personal reasons but only offered me the USD250 not the tax. I contacted Aliexpress and they said I need cancel dispute and wait until the delivery time is over to get full refund but that is 90days! Seller didn’t even ship the USD250 one. Questions are (1) when I receive the USD8 item how to let system know I didn’t receive the USD250? (2) any way to avoid waiting 90 days to get full refund?

    1. 1) You can record a video at the time of unboxing the parcel so you can prove that you haven’t received the USD250.
      2) No way to avoid 90 days waiting period because the AliExpress dispute team will work only after this time period. OR You can open the dispute after receiving the parcel (USD8) then the dispute team can help you.

  9. I did everything you told us to do and now they want me to send it back. I ordered 4 items and 1 was the wrong size. That’s not my fault and to send it back is to
    much money. Then didn’t want me to just buy 1 item so send, but they want me to send 1 item to get my item in the right size. Or order more and they will send me
    the right size with that order. Not good.

  10. I have accepted Alixpress porposal. But the seller ignores. What will happen now and for how long?

    1. You will receive the solution as per the proposal you accepted.

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