How To import Product Without Paying Custom Duty in India?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Importing Guide

Customs duty is one of the most discussed topics among all the regular customer of AliExpress, GearBest, Banggood etc because Customs Duty / Import Fee is very high in India, especially in electronics products, which also increases the Product’s price. That’s why we don’t want to pay customs duty and we always keep finding a way to avoid the Import Fee.

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The trick is the Economy/Registered/Express shipping method. Yes! You read it right. The easiest way to receive a product without customs duty in India is Economy/Registered/Express shipping method, which should be delivered by India Post(Post Office) in India. And, Do not choose Private Courier Service like DHL, FedEx, etc.

I know you’re thinking that How anybody can receive a product without customs duty using Economy/Registered/Express shipping method? I cannot answer you “How it works?” But, I am sharing my real life experience and I am following this from 3 – 4 years and I received almost 8 out of 10 products without customs duty in India.

By following the above trick, I’ve received product up to $400 dollar without customs duty in India. And, I don’t have anything to prove that I’ve really received most of the products without Import Fee. But, You can prove that I am right. So, If you too have received your product without customs duty then please share your experience in the comment section below.

Here’s The List of Shipping Method, Which I’ve used and received my product without Customs Duty:-

Note: This trick won’t work on shopping websites like Amazon US because Amazon uses only Premium Shipping Service Such as UPS etc.

However, Above mentioned shipping method cannot guarantee that you’ll receive your product without customs duty but It will definitely increase the possibility of receiving the product without customs duty.

In some cases, customs department charges custom duty on the product even after choosing any of the above-mentioned shipping methods. For Example: Once I imported a Xiaomi smartphone worth ₹13,000($200) using AliExpress Standard Shipping. But still, the customs department charged me import free of around ₹2,000($30) rupees.

As mentioned above, This trick cannot guarantee that you’ll receive your product without customs duty. But At the same time, There’s no harm in using this trick. So, Try this method and please share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. It also depends on the customs locations. In Chennai, Most of the time it goes through customs and I have paid customs duty when the packet is big size or costs more than 30$.

  2. I wanted to buy replacement motherboard from AliExpress and it will cost me 12k..

    Just wanted to know how much tax would i have to pay in case it get held by customs department??

    And do i have to visit them personally or i can pay tax online??

    1. They can charge up to 41% import fee and if you’ll select the Registered post then you cannot pay tax online.

      And, You don’t have to contact them personally, the Postman will deliver it to your doorstep.

      1. HI Siddharth, I have imported a 4G LTE antenna for my router from UK and getting the custom hold message.


        The product is not a restricted item so will they release it?

        1. Obviously, They will release your parcel but in the current situation, they can take longer than usual time to release the parcel.

  3. My order which I bought from aliexpress held by custom. The product value is 2-3$ even it is stucked in custom. Can I refuse to pay custom charges if they send me letter to release the item. Indian custom is suck.

    1. No! You cannot refuse to pay the customs charge.

      If you will refuse to pay the customs duty, neither you will receive the product nor the refund. But I think, they will not charge you customs duty on a $2 -3 product.

      1. I got the product without any custom charges. My parcel which was held by custom got released the next day automatically.

  4. If I choose priorty line for a product worth 15$ ,will I have to pay custom charges since the product ship with a private curier “GATI”.

    1. No! You don’t need to pay customs duty on products below ₹2,000 rupees.

  5. Hello Siddharth sir , I am Aniket from Pune, Maharashtra.
    Actually I have ordered a Gimbal from Aliexpress for INR 22000. Today the seller was asking me from which courier I want DHL or Singapore EMS and what value should he mention on it.
    So ,Which courier should I opt for and what value should I mention?
    approx how much custom duty will I have to pay.
    It would be a great help. Thankyou 😊

  6. How to get customs held product?? Held from 25days. Still not released. I am ready to pay customs duty. Product cost: ₹3860.

    1. In this case, You can contact Indian Post to know why they aren’t releasing your parcel.

  7. I have friend in usa , he is having an unused laptop which is 2 months old if he send that laptop via courier then will custom duty charges are applicable or not ?

    1. Yes. Customs duty will be applicable. I mentioned registered/speed post in the article because sometimes, the Indian Customs Department release the parcel without charging duty.

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