OUKITEL K10 — Steps To install Official Android OREO Update!

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Stock ROM

After a very long wait finally, OUKITEL has released the Android OREO for the K10 smartphone. But installing Android OREO is difficult and you cannot do it without formatting the smartphone. Today, I will show you steps to install Official Android OREO in OUKITEL K10.

Video Tutorial

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Steps To Install Official Android OREO Update in OUKITEL K10:-

Before starting the process, you should know that you cannot upgrade your smartphone without formatting it because the parameter of both the versions is different.

So, Backup all your data and also backup IMEI number by typing *#06# on the dial pad because this will delete everything including IMEI number.

You need to download SP Flash Tool, MauiMETA Tool, SN Writer Tool, and ROM to start the process. You can download the required files from here:

Step 1. Install Oreo in OUKITEL K10

Once you downloaded all the files, extract them. Now, you need to install the latest Android Oreo in OUKITEL K10.

1) Run the SP Flash Tool » Click “Choose” to select Scatter Loading File » Go To ROM Folder » Select “MT6763 Android Scatter”.

2) Select “Format ALL + Download” from the dropdown menu in SP Flash Tool then click “Download” button.

3) Turn off your smartphone and connect it to the pc via USB cable then the SP Flash Tool will automatically detect your smartphone. After the installation process, you will see a “Download OK” message.

4) Close SP Flash Tool and disconnect the smartphone from PC.

Step 2. Import Parameter

After installing the latest Oreo ROM, You need to import parameter to OUKITEL K10.

1) Go to the MauiMETA folder » Open Driver Folder. Inside the folder, you will see two drivers. Both the drivers are same so install anyone from them then restart your PC.

2) Go to the MauiMETA folder » Open MauiMETA EXE Folder. Install and Run MauiMETA Tool in your PC.

3) On the MauiMETA Tool, Click in the “Search Tools”. Scroll Down to the bottom and select “UPDATE Parameter Tool”.

4) Click connect then turn off your smartphone and connect it to the pc via USB cable.

5) After connecting your phone to the pc, Your phone may start booting up. If it started booting up then please disconnect your phone from PC and turn off your phone then reconnect it to the PC. Try multiple times to connect your phone.

6) Once you connected your phone, Click on the Load DB » From File » Go to the ROM folder and select “MDDB_InfoCustom…”.

7) You will see a Popup Menu. Click on the Load From File » Open MauiMETA folder and select K10.ini file.

8) Click “Download To Flash” and it will start the process. After completion of the process, you will see an error message “IMEI not downloaded”. You are getting this error message because SP Flash Tool has deleted IMEI from your smartphone. So, Just close this message and click “disconnect” to disconnect your smartphone and also remove USB cable to disconnect the smartphone from PC.

9) Turn on your smartphone and complete the setup. Then, Type *#*#8613#*#* in the dial pad.

10) Select FCT info option, If you are getting CT Pass message then you have successfully updated the parameter of your smartphone.

Step 3. Rewrite IMEI Numbers

After restarting your phone, You would have noticed a Chinese message on your smartphone. Currently, the smartphone doesn’t have IMEI number that’s why you are getting a Chinese message.

In the last step, You need to rewrite the IMEI number of your smartphone. So Turn off your smartphone and go back to your PC again.

1) Open Write IMEI Folder » Open SN Writer Folder » Double click on the SN Writer tool to run it.

2) Click on the System Config and make sure IMEI and Dual IMEI option is selected.

3) Click on the MD1_DB option » Go To the Tool Folder » Open ROM Folder » Select “MDDB_InfoCustom…” file.

4) Click AP_DB option » Select “APDB_MT6763…” file from ROM Folder.

5) Click Save Button.

6) Click Start Button.

7) Enter Both the IMEI numbers of your smartphone and click OK.

8) Turn off your smartphone and connect it to the pc. Then, it will ReWrite IMEI numbers in few seconds. After that, you will see the “PASS” message. which means you have successfully completed all the steps and updated your OUKITEL K10 to Android OREO.

I hope you found this article helpful but, If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. Hi, I have an Oukitel K10 and updated to 8.1 following the instructions, that are the same posted by Oukitel itself. Everything ran OK, and the IMEI were written as well. But, even after this, the chinese red message does not go away from the screen. I did a factory reset and the message is still there. I wrote to Oukitel but did not have answer yet. Can you help me to erase the message?

    1. If the Chinese message is still there then the IMEI was not written properly. Please try to write the IMEI again.

      1. Thanks for your return, but I rewrote it successfully twice, the correct numbers are shown in the IMEI information of the set, but I still have the chinese message.

        1. As per the OUKITEL, If you are getting the Chinese message error, which means either IMEI is missing or not written properly.

          But As you said, you have already written IMEI twice but the Chinese message is still there. So I think, you can try to re-update your smartphone by following all the three steps.

          And, Did you get the ‘PASS’ message after writing the IMEI?

          1. Yes, I got the PASS message. I will re-update again, as you sugest. I keep asking myself, because I do not get any answer from Oukitel . And why Oukitel does note, simply, deliver an OTA update. I just keep this phone because it is a good set and the battery is a bless.

    2. Where could i find the Instructions, posted by Oukitel itself? I couldnt find any Informations about Oreo on K10 at the official Oukitel Homepage.

      1. Some users were facing Camera issue after OREO update on K10 so they have removed Oreo for K10 from the official website.

  2. After installing the Oreo update, the signal strength of the phone is very bad. On the hardware, however, nothing has changed. Are there software settings that can change the signal strength?

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