How To Chat/Contact with AliExpress Customer Support Team?

Siddharth Giri/ 18th Jan, 2021/ Importing Guide

UPDATE: I think they stopped the chat service after the COVID-19.

Normally, We prefer a toll-free(or any) number or email to contact the customer support team of a shopping website but AliExpress doesn’t offer any number or email. Just because of the customer support issue, so many people never able to get the solution to their problem.

AliExpress offers 24/7 Live Chat to solve your issue. Today, I will show you the steps to contact AliExpress Live chat customer support/service team.

Steps to Contact AliExpress Live Chat Support

Before showing you the steps, you should know that connecting with the AliExpress Chat team is not easy. First, you will be connected to the chatbot and after a few questions, the chatbot will connect you to the live chat support team.

1. Go to AliExpress Buyer Service Page ➤ Scroll down to the bottom of the page ➤ Click “Online Service” button.

AliExpress Buyer Service Page

2. On the next page, you will see a popup window and you will be connected to the chatbot. Now select your question/problem from the list or you can type in your problem and send it to the chatbot.

Connected To The Chatbot

The chatbot will ask you a few questions before connecting to the real person. Just share your problem with the chatbot, you will be connected to the AliExpress service consultant in a few minutes.

Trick To Connect Instantly

Most of the time, the chatbot can irritate you with so many questions. If you continue chatting with the chatbot, they will take 5 – 10 minutes to connect with the agent.

You can also follow the below steps to connect to the real person instantly. I don’t know this trick will work for you or not but this trick works for me most of the time.

Once you select your problem, the chatbot will start asking you questions. Try to give an answer which isn’t related to the question.

The bot can also ask you to “Select the order”. Here you can select the order or just click “Still can’t find your order?“.

Select The Order

After a few more answers, you will see a button “Chat with an agent now“. Just click this button, and you will be connected to a real person in a second.

Answer The Questions

Now, You’re connected to the service consultant, discuss your problem, and try to get the solution.

Connected To The AliExpress Chat Support

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. My order is not showing yet the money has been withdrawn from Aliexpress

    1. Did you order as a guest?

  2. evert time i track my order it always shows ” SINGAPORE S06, Send item abroad (EDI-received)”
    i am waiting for my order since last three months and don’t know how long it will take. i am suffering the same issue with all my parcels, below are my tracking numbers

    1. Many people are facing this problem because of pandemic and lockdown. If you’re not receiving the parcel in time, then you should contact the seller to get the solution. OR, You can also contact your country’s post to know when will they deliver your parcel.

  3. Hi! Thank you for all these informations and tricks! But I still couldn’t contact anyone… In September, they approved a full refund of my order (that I never received), and I am still waiting for the money back…! Do you know if there is any other ways to contact them? Does this trick still works? (I really couldn’t find the “chat with an agent now” option 🙁 !)
    Have a good day!


    1. I think currently, chat service isn’t available due to COVID-19. But you can share the ARN number with your bank to get a refund. You can go to My Orders –> Select The Product –> Click on “Refund Information”. Here you will see the ARN number.

      1. Thank you very much for your quick answer and this precious information, I will definitely try!

        Have a good day!


  4. its nothing like shopping on amazon i have not recieve my item from ha ha store in a whole year smh

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for this. I’m trying to chat with them but its written me like:” Eva finds you have already submitted your request to the higher team today, and normally you will receive the follow-up email in 4 hours. May I know if you want to speed it up?” What should I do?
    Thank you

    1. You are not alone, I also get a network busy message. I think they stopped the chat service after COVID-19, you can just connect to the bot.

      I think you should wait for the follow-up email.

  6. you can’t connect with anyone at online chat for a few weeks. there is still only an eva machine available, which cannot solve any problem …

  7. Yes, thank you for this! The Eva chatbot is so irritating!!! 🙂

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