How To Build a Shopify Drop Shipping Store in 5 Easy Steps?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Dropshipping

Building a dropshipping store isn’t difficult but it doesn’t mean building a store is easy like publishing a post on Facebook because first, you need to understand the admin area. You can create a Shopify’s Trial Store to understand the admin area and other settings then it will be very easy for you. So today, I will show you how you can easily create a Shopify dropshipping store.

Steps to Start a Shopify Drop Shipping Store

Shopify is the best platform to start a dropshipping store because it is an all-in-one platform, which handles everything including hosting, security, payment, etc. So, If anything goes wrong in your store then you can directly contact Shopify support for help.

1) Sign Up for Shopify

Shopify plans starts from $29 / Month but they also give you an option to create a free 14-day trial account and it’s better to try their service before investing your money. The advantage of using Shopify’s trial account is you won’t lose any of the work you complete on your trial store but you need to choose a monthly plan before you start selling your products or services.

Go to Shopify Website ➤ Enter your email address and click “Get Started” button.

Enter Email Address in Shopify

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A popup will appear, Enter a strong password and a name for your store then click “Create your store” button. Note: you can change these details later.

Enter Password and Store Name in Shopify

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On the next page, You’ll see a message “Sit tight, We’re creating your store!”

Shopify is Creating Your Store

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After that, Shopify will ask you to enter some details about your business, choose all the details and click the “Next” button. Specify all details like when would you like to launch your store, where do you want to sell online or offline and if you are creating this tore for a client then check “Are you setting up a store for a client” option. These details will help them to get information about your store so they can help you a little better and improve the system in the future.

Enter Details of Your Store in Shopify

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Then, Shopify will ask your name, address and contact information. These details will help them to determine your currency standards and tax rates. Enter all the details and click the “Enter my store” button.

Enter Address and Contact Information for Shopify Store

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Done, You have successfully created a Shopify store and now you can access your dashboard.

2) Choose a Theme for Shopify Store

Look and design of your store depends on your theme. So, choosing a perfect theme is most important for your drop shipping store.

Shopify offers more than 50 themes, which are professionally designed for the store. Go to your Shopify Dashboard ➤ Select “Online Store” under “Sales Channels” options then select “Themes” from the drop-down menu. Here you will see currently activated theme of your store.

Change Theme in Shopify Store

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By default, Shopify activates “Debut” theme on all new stores. If you want then you can set up your store using the current theme or you can change the theme as per your requirement.

Inside the theme section, Shopify will give you two options, “Free themes” and “Shopify Theme Store”. Free themes will give you the list of all free themes while Shopify Theme Store will give you the list of free and paid both themes. Click on “Shopify Theme Store“.

Shopify Design

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Ten themes are free and rest will cost you between $140 – $200. All themes will allow you to easily customize the look and feel of your drop shipping store. You can also click on “demo” to see how that theme will look on your store. Once you decided the theme, Click “Add Theme” to add that theme to your store.

Demo or Add a Theme in Shopify

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Now, You can customize the theme by clicking on the “Customize” button and once you have customized everything, click “Action ➤ Publish” to activate that theme to your store.

Customize or Publish The Theme in Shopify

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3) Add Product to Shopify Store

Adding products to the Shopify store is very easy, you can just click on the Add Product to add any product to your store. Shopify also allows you to add Organization, Collections, Tags, etc. to your product but Product Name, Description, Vendor (Brand) and Image are required to list a product.

Go to your Shopify Dashboard ➤ Products ➤ All Products ➤ Add Product ➤ Enter all the required details. You can also add the product variant like color, size, etc. and you can set a different price for a different variant.

Add a Product To Shopify Store

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Also, You can edit the search engine listing preview. You can customize how the product will look in the search result. After that, click “Save” and now you can preview that product on your store.

Preview Your Product in Shopify Store

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4) Register a Domain Name for Shopify Store

In the last three steps, You have completed all the required steps. Now, You need to register a domain name to make your drop shipping store online.

Shopify gives you an address like for your store when you register for Shopify 14-days trial account but you have to change it to perfect domain name before making your store live.

Go to your Shopify Dashboard ➤ Select “Online Store” under “Sales Channels” options then select “Domains” from the drop-down menu. Inside the Domains options, You will get three options Buy a new domain, Connect existing domain or Transfer domain.

Register Domain Name in Shopify

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If you want to buy a domain name from Shopify then select “Buy new Domain” and If you have already purchased a domain name from third-party registrar then select “Connect existing domain” or “Transfer domain”.

Shopify will charge you $14 / Year for a domain name while domain registrar like GoDaddy will charge you $1 for the first year and $13 – $14 / Year from the second year. So, It’s better to register your domain on Shopify because the price is almost similar and it’s easy too because you won’t have to connect your domain name.

5) Enable Payment Provider

You have successfully created your Shopify drop shipping store but you have to enable payment providers to accept payment from your customers.

By default, Shopify automatically set up to accept all major payment methods as soon as you create your Shopify store but for that, they charge you a small fee per transaction based on your Shopify plan.

Change Payment Provider in Shopify

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However, If you want to change the payment provider then go to your Shopify Dashboard ➤ Settings ➤ In the Accept payments section, click Change provider. Select a payment provider, which you want to use then click Continue and complete the set up to receive payment using that provider.

Done! You have successfully created your Shopify drop shipping store. Now, you can make your store live.

I hope you found this article helpful but, If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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