How Many Days Does GearBest Shipping Take and Which Shipping Method is Best?

Siddharth Giri/ 30th Dec, 2019/ Importing Guide

Choosing the best shipping method is the most important thing when doing international shopping because it can increase or decrease the transit time. And, Less transit time means more security.

Actually, GearBest’s shipping method is not confusing similar to AliExpress because GearBest has divided their shipping method into four different parts but still so many people are confused. So, In this article, I’ll tell you which shipping method should you choose to get your product earliest and also show you some tracking results of the parcel to give you an idea of average delivery time.

GearBest Shipping Methods:

1) Unregistered Air Mail:

Most of the time this shipping method is free and it’s worse too. You’ll get a number, popularly known as tracking number but you cannot track it. So, You’ll never know when will you receive your product. And If your parcel lost in transit then it’s impossible to determine at which stage of the delivery process it went missing.

GearBest says that unregistered air mail can take more than a month for some countries. But In my opinion, if you don’t care about your product or you can wait for at least 90 days(or forever) then you can select this shipping method. I will not suggest you unregistered air mail even for a low-value item.

2) Registered Air Mail:

This is one of the most used shipping methods because most of the time it’s free and sometimes we have to pay a few dollars to use this shipping method. But, we get a valid tracking number for that extra shipping charge payment. So, we can always check the current status of the package. And, If parcel lost in transit or for some reason you do not receive it in time then you can use the screenshot of the tracking result as proof.

All orders over $30 will be automatically switched to registered air mail. And inside Registered Air Mail, GearBest gives you multiple shipping options to choose such as Singapore Post, Belgium Post, China Post, Netherlands Post, Sweden Post, Turkey Post, etc.

I’ve tried multiple shipping methods and most of the time I’ve received my product within 30 days. But, some countries such as Russia and Brazil takes double time compared to other countries. Check below screenshot for average delivery time.

GearBest Registered Air Mail

You can choose any of them because all are good. You can choose this shipping method even for high-value products. And, you can also take shipping insurance to increase the security of your product.

3) Priority Line:

This is the least expensive premium shipping method. I am saying it a premium shipping because it is as fast as the EMS. Priority Line takes between 10-20 days. If you don’t want to pay for Expedited Shipping then you can use it as a cheaper alternative to expedited shipping.

Priority Line Tracking

I have already written about Priority Line in detail. So, you can read it here: What are The Advantages of GearBest Priority Line?

4) Expedited Shipping:

As the name says, This is the fastest way to get your GearBest order to your doorstep. And inside Expedited Shipping, GearBest gives you two shipping options to choose, first EMS and second DHL. You can choose any one of them depending on your requirement. If you want your product earliest then DHL otherwise EMS is fine. Shipping time varies, depending on destination, most of the times DHL delivers within 10 days whiles EMS takes between 10-20 days.

AliExpress Express Mail Service

Till now, I haven’t used EMS from GearBest but I’ve added above screenshot from my AliExpress Order. I had imported a laptop using EMS and Customs clearance is very faster in EMS compared to registered post that’s why I had received my laptop only in 22 days while a registered post will take more than 35 to deliver the same product.

Additional Tips: Please note that shipping fees do not include customs fees, which are different for every country. And, The costly product takes a little longer time to get customs clearance. So, It’ll take longer than expected to reach the destination. But Don’t Worry, If you’ll select a Registered Post, Priority Line or Expedited Shipping then you’ll definitely receive your product.

How to Track GearBest Parcel?

There are multiple ways to track your parcel. For Example, You can use the official website of Carrier (Courier) to track International Parcels.

But I prefer 17TRACK because it’s easy to use and they also offer Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. But sometime 17TRACK app won’t able to auto-detect the carrier(Courier name). So, I use 1Tracking to track the parcels. You can also read this article: How Do I Track AliExpress/GearBest/Banggood Parcel?

I hope you found this article helpful but, If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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