AliExpress Shipping Methods Explained — Which One Should You Choose and Why?

Siddharth Giri/ 29th May, 2020/ Importing Guide

Which shipping method should I choose in AliExpress?, Is China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is Good?, Can I track 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro? etc… These are some common questions that come to the first time buyer of AliExpress.

Almost every new buyer does a mistake in choosing the shipping method. Just because of the free shipping charge, mostly new buyers choose shipping methods like China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro, YunExpress Economic Air Mail, SunYou Economic Air Mail, POS Malaysia Economic Air Mail, etc…

Then the buyer complains that AliExpress is a fake website, they don’t deliver the product, the seller of AliExpress is not reliable, etc…

If you have already tried these shipping methods and never received your parcel on time then don’t worry. In this AliExpress Shipping Guide, I will tell you which shipping method should you choose to receive your product on time with hassle-free tracking.

How Many Types of Shipping Methods Does AliExpress Offer?

When we purchase a product from a local website, we get a tracking number within an hour(or within a day) and we receive the product the same day or sometimes within a few days.

You need to understand one thing is shopping from local websites and international websites are completely different. When you purchase anything from international websites, you need to be careful about the shipping methods because some shipping methods come with a tracking number while the tracking number of some parcels is fake.

1. Ordinary Post/Shipment

As the name suggests, these are the ordinary parcels like we send something by sticking ₹5 or ₹10 rupees ticket/stamp on the envelope. Ordinary shipments are used for small products that fit in a small padded envelope.

Most new buyers are not aware of the fact that the tracking number of ordinary parcels is not valid outside China. This means you will never know when will you receive your product. And If your parcel lost in transit, it’s impossible to determine at which stage of the delivery process it went missing.

List of some ordinary parcels that cannot be tracked:
  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
  • Yanwen Economic Air Mail
  • SunYou Economic Air Mail
  • 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro
  • YunExpress Economic Air Mail
  • POS Malaysia Economic Air Mail
How long does Ordinary Shipments take?

As per this report, these ordinary parcels take between 30-45 days to reach the destination but I would say It depends on your luck.

I have tried all these shipping methods so many times but haven’t received my parcels 7 out of 10 times. And those parcels which I received took less than 25 days and sometimes took more than 90 days. In short, you can say that these shipping methods can take forever to reach the destination.

2. Registered Post/Shipment

Maybe you know it as certified shipments in your country but we call it Registered Post in India. Registered Post or mail is the most common shipping option available for products that cost above $10. This is helpful when any parcel or packages needs some kind of attestation so that it can be safely delivered, unlike ordinary posts.

Registered post is almost like an ordinary post with special features as it is safe, secure, and record proof. You get a valid tracking number with Registered Post, which can be tracked until the delivery.

List of some registered post that can be tracked:
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • China Post Registered Air Mail
  • Singapore Post Registered Air Mail
  • Turkey Post Registered Air Mail
  • Belgium Post Registered Air Mail
  • Netherlands Post(PostNL) International Mail
  • Sweden Post(PostNord) Registered Air Mail
  • Malaysia Post(POS Malaysia) Registered Air Mail
How long does Registered Post / Certified Shipments take?

As per this report, the Standard delivery time for most packages is 15-45 days. In my case, I have received almost all the products within a month and sometimes within 15 days.

If you’re from the metro city then the delivery time could be less and If you’re from the rural area then the delivery time could be longer. If you don’t want to wait for a long time, you can go for the premium delivery service. On average these orders are delivered within 7-15 days.

Here are Some Examples

I ordered some sunglasses using Standard Shipping from AliExpress. The seller shipped the product using Singapore Post Registered Air Mail, and the product arrived in just 12 days.

Singapore Post Registered Air Mail Arrived in 12 Days

Here’s another example

I ordered a universal travel charger from AliExpress. The seller shipped the product using SunYou Economic Air Mail and this time the product arrived after 33 days. If you regularly travel, this universal travel charger will be very helpful for you.

SunYou Economic Air Mail Arrived in 33 Days

I want to say one thing, Whenever I select AliExpress standard shipping and the seller ships the product using SunYou Economic Air Mail, I get a valid tracking number and I can track it until the delivery.

But whenever I directly select SunYou Economic Air Mail, the tracking number looks the same but it doesn’t work in the destination country. So I will recommend you please avoid SunYou Economic Air Mail.

Another example

I ordered a mechanical keyboard from AliExpress. The seller shipped the product using China Post Registered Air Mail and this time the product arrived after 40 days. You should check this keyboard, This is one of the best mechanical keyboards you can buy.

China Post Registered Air Mail Arrived in 40 Days

3. Premium Shipment

You would have already understood from the name, courier service like DHL, FedEx, EMS are some examples of premium shipments. Premium Shipment is used for heavy and costly products to deliver them safely and earliest.

How long does Registered Post / Certified Shipments take?

Most of the time, the Premium courier will deliver your product within 10 days and it can also attract customs duty.

You can check this laptop, I ordered the laptop using Standard Shipping. The seller shipped the product using Singapore Post (EMS) and the product arrived in just 12 days.

Express Mail Service Arrived in 12 Days

You should also remember one thing is, costly products take a long time in customs clearance especially in India. If the seller will ship a laptop using Registered Post, it will take more than 40 – 50 days to reach the destination.

How to verify, the tracking number is valid/invalid?

One of the biggest problems you can face is sometimes the seller mentions a Registered post on the product page. Once you place the order, they ship the product using an ordinary post.

In that case, you won’t able to do anything even customer support team won’t help you. They will just tell you to wait for the 60 days. If you will not receive the product within the mentioned time, you need to contact AliExpress customer support to get the solution.

I will recommend you to verify the tracking number after shipment. If the seller is using an ordinary post instead of a registered post, you can blacklist the seller.

Almost all valid tracking number(premium excluded) of the Registered post starts with ‘R’ Alphabet, Nine Digits in the Center and Ends with Country Code. To verify the tracking number you should check that your tracking number is looking like the below example or not.

Example of Valid Tracking Number:

RB123456789SG — ‘SG’ Stands For Singapore Post.

  • RK123456789CN — ‘CN’ Stands For China Post.
  • RJ123456789SE — ‘SE’ Stands For Sweden Post.
  • RP123456789NL — ‘NL’ Stands For Netherlands Post.
  • RU123456789MY — ‘MY’ Stands For Malaysia Post.
  • RT123456789HK — ‘HK’ Stands For HongKong Post.

More Examples:

  • Start with EX — It’s EMS also known as Speed Post in India.
  • Starts with LP — SunYou Economic Air Mail.

Some examples of the valid and invalid tracking number in the below image.

AliExpress Shipping

I can assure you that you will definitely receive your product if you select any one of the above shipping methods suggested by me. However, Sometimes your package can be lost in transit but this is an exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already explained everything related to AliExpress shipping methods in this article, but there are some doubts that come to everyone’s mind. Here I am answering frequently asked question-related to AliExpress shipping.

Can I pay Cash on Delivery?

No! AliExpress does not offer cash on delivery. I can understand your problem, when I was placing my first order on AliExpress, I was scared of not receiving my order.

But don’t worry your money is completely safe. When you place an order on AliExpress, AliExpress informs the seller about the order but doesn’t give the money. The seller receives the money only if you confirm the delivery of the order or after the end of the purchase protection time.

Can I change the shipping address?

If you have already paid for the order but you noticed that the shipping address is wrong. In that case, You cannot change the address but now AliExpress gives you an option to request to modify the address.

After placing an order, you get a message and also get an edit button below the message. You can use the edit button to modify the address. After submitting the form, AliExpress will inform the seller about the change you want in your order. Your requests cannot be guaranteed but the seller will do their best to meet your needs.

What should I do, If I haven’t received the product within the mentioned time?

Normally, the product will be delivered to your address with 30 – 45 days but for any reason, if you don’t receive the product, you can contact the seller to get the solution.

Sometimes, Seller re-ship the product and also increases the purchase protection time. If the seller isn’t willing to help you, You can open the dispute to get the solution.

Can I send the order to a country other than the one I live in?

Yes, It’s very easy. If you’re familiar with drop-shipping, you already know that most drop shippers use AliExpress to sell products in other countries.

You will find a Ship To option on the top right of the AliExpress website, Just select the country where you want to send the order, then you will only get products from sellers who ship to that country.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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  1. Will I get the parcel on time (max.60days) by using the China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus shipping method?

    1. You cannot track it outside China. So, It depends on your luck, you’ll get the parcel on time or not.

      1. How is China post ordinary mail? If I choose this shipping method, will I received my product.

  2. What about China Post Registered Air Mail can I track it out side the China

      1. Thanks for the information 😊

  3. How much time it will take to deliver to India with China Post Registered Air Mail

    1. Normally, It will take less than 30 days but costly products can take extra time because of customs clearance.

      1. The product I’m going to order is not more than 10000 so how much time it will going to take and does it need custom clearance ????

        1. All international parcels need customs clearance but you don’t have to do it manually. Customs clearance will be done by courier team. You can check this link for more detail.

          And, You cannot predict exact delivery time. But, Normally, It takes less than 25-35 days.

          1. Well thank you for the information
            I’m soon going to place an order from AliExpress and I will let you know how much time it takes to deliver to me
            It is an very important information for me
            Thank you

      2. Sir unknowingly I ordered many of them as ordinary post… Nearly 50… Most of them cainiao super economy global, 4px Singapore, yanwen, sunyou, special line yw, China ordinary small packet plus,…… And my tracking numbers are mostly starting S00000 – 15 digit, some starting with uw, uj, ub, ua – 13 digit

        1. Don’t worry! If you won’t receive the product in time. You can contact the seller or open the dispute to get a full refund.

          1. Sir aliexpress is rejected my dispute for refund saying it is received by buyer…. Even rejected many of my appeals… Is there a chance I can receive later because of covid delay

          2. Sir I opened all disputes only after the end of buyer protection period

  4. Hey Siddharth, thanks for this article, very useful.
    What if the package lands to India post after coming to India? How to track that?
    I had ordered stuff from and everytine it comes by India post low priority.
    Does the same happens with aliexpress?
    Pls assist.

    1. Yes! Same happens with AliExpress too but If you’ll choose Registered Air Mail then You will be able to track it until the delivery.

  5. Hello!
    I was just checking AliExpress for buying a dashcam for my car. The product is priced approximately $130. This is shipped from China to India via AliExpress Standard Shipping. Since the product is a bit costly, can i expect there to be any custom charges? And what should i do to avoid the custom charges?
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. There is no guaranteed way to avoid customs duty in India. But, AliExpress Standard Shipping or Any Basic Shipping Method can increase the chance of receiving product without customs duty.

      You can also check GearBest because They are giving discount on CAR DASH CAM.

  6. will the custom send letter to me or the post will to be straight. its AliExpress standard shipping

    1. No! Custom won’t send you any letter, You’ll receive your product directly.

  7. How much time it takes to process the order from seller

    1. Processing Time is different for all product. You can check exact processing time on the product page or order detail.

  8. What do you mean by goods awaiting confirmation ?????

    1. It means that the seller has dispatched your product.

      1. Ok thank you for the information sir

  9. Sir my seller told me that the item I’m purchasing is too hot so it when out of stock
    My seller said you can cancel the order or you can extend the processing time till the next batch of that item restock so should I cancel it or extend the processing time ?????
    Thank you in advance

    1. If you still want the product then you can extend the processing time otherwise cancel it. There’s no harm If you’ll increase processing time.

      1. Ok sir thank you for your advice I will extend the processing time
        Because the same item is a bit costly with the another seller that’s y
        but sir the item is not out of stock then too I’m having delay so is there any problem with the seller or something else ???
        Thank you in advance

  10. Well sir thank you for your guidance
    It really helped me a lot my 1st order arrived today from AliExpress ,😊😊😊😊

  11. I am worrying about extra payment I have to pay for the shipment.If I buy Nubia M2 of about$160 then how much I need to pay for shipping?

    1. It depends on the Store/Seller. Some seller offers Free Shipping while some seller charges $1-5. For Example: The Geeks Store is offering free shipping on Nubia M2.

      1. But sir is it really free shipping or I need to pay charge when I get my order delivered?
        And one more thing
        I came to know from a YT channel ‘gogi tech’s that sometimes custom official call the customer and charge huge fine.Is it true?
        And finally please tell me sir why price of Nubia M2 is so low rather where it is costlier in India. I will be very grateful if you reply my queries.

        1. 1) Yes! It’s Free Shipping.
          2) You may have to pay around $30 customs duty/import fee because Import fee is applicable to all the products purchased from abroad. But, free shipping will increase the possibility of receiving the product without customs duty. You can read this article for more detail: How To import Product Without Paying Custom Duty in India?
          3) Price of Nubia M2 is Low in China because it’s manufactured in China.

          1. Please elaborate global ROM.indian telecom operators are supported in global ROM?

  12. If I already select dhl with $24 for shipping then after receiving the order do I need to pay custom or within that money they will clear the custom.

    1. If product value is more than ₹2,000(Duty-Free Limit) rupees then Yes! you need to pay customs duty.

      1. So I think Ali express standard shipping is the best.Isn’t it?

        1. Yes! You have to wait for few extra days in AliExpress Standard Shipping But It’ll also increase the possibility of receiving the product without customs duty. You can visit here for more detail.

  13. What will I do if my package contain not phone but any other thing.😫

    1. In that case, You can open a dispute for refund. But, If you’ll purchase from reputed seller then it’s not possible that you’ll receive an empty box or anything else. You can visit here for more detail.

  14. Please help me with this. Every time a shipment ends up in Egypt post it either gets lost or comes veeeeery late with a lot of trouble. That is why I prefer dhl or aramex. My question is: does aliexpress premium shipping deliver the package to my home like dhl or aramex or does it pass through Egypt post? Thank you

    1. Sorry! I am from India that’s why I cannot tell you about Egypt post.

      But, AliExpress Premium Shipping includes various courier services such as DHL, EMS etc… So, If AliExpress will ship your product using EMS then it’ll definitely pass through Egypt Post. And, AliExpress claims that AliExpress Premium Shipping will deliver your package within 15 days. So, You can give it a try.

      1. Actually I don’t mind if it is a little late and I also don’t mind about tracking what I am asking is do they deliver to my doorstep? Because this is what I need exactly

        1. It depends on Egypt Post. If they want then they can deliver your package to your doorstep or you may have to pick up your package from the nearest post office.

          Normally, AliExpress Premium Shipping Delivers to the doorstep in my country. But, As I said you earlier, I am from India and I don’t know about Egypt Post. You can click here to know about AliExpress Shipping.

      2. Please do you have any comment on my reply

  15. What if i don’t receive my product within the specified time? What action can i take?

    1. You can open dispute to get full refund.

  16. Thanks a lot!
    This information really helped me a lot. I was wondering why most of my packages aren’t delivered. I used to blame Ali Express like you have mentioned 😢
    But now when I tracked all the failed deliverables, I was shocked to see that the carrier is China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is highly unreliable.
    Thanks a lot for this post. I have bookmarked so that I can refer from now on.

  17. Can I buy any mobile through ali express any custom duty charge in India when received my order.

    1. Yes! You can purchase smartphones(or anything) from AliExpress and Customs Duty is applicable on costly products but You can follow this: “How To import Product Without Paying Custom Duty in India?” guide to avoid customs duty.

      And, I would recommend you to buy the smartphone from GearBest for better customer support.

  18. Which is best shipping method

  19. I guess my order is held by customs so should I contact them or should I wait to release the product ?????

  20. To buy from India which shipping method should I chose and what may be the tax

    1. AliExpress Standard Shipping is the best option. And, Custom Duty/Tax depends on the product category and value.

  21. Hello , I have purchased An item on 29 April 2018 from AliExpress …seller shipped my item through postNL
    My tracking is also start with two alphabet nine in centre and ends with county code NL…
    How many days will I receive my item through postNL…and do I pay any custom charge..

    1. I’ve already replied to your previous comment. So, Please check it.

  22. Hi planning to order a double din touch screen worth 235$ from aliexpress it shows free shipping via dhl so i want to know do i have to pay the custom charges for it ?

    1. Yes! You have to pay the customs charges for it.

      You can read this for more detail: How To import Product Without Paying Custom Duty in India?

  23. Hi i have ordered 4 items in ali express. Shipping method mentioned as seller’s shipping method. When i used ask them where is my parcel they said wait upto 60 days. After 60 days also i did not received. Will i get my parcel or not? My tracking number is: UC234772684CN

    1. This is Unregistered Post, which means you cannot track it. So, You should contact the seller or open dispute for the refund.

      1. I will open dispute..

        Is there any assurance that the parcel wil reach to me at anytime? Or else should i forget it?

        1. Yes! It can reach you but no one can tell you when it will arrive.

  24. Hello Siddharth,
    My name is Sai.
    I ordered a mobile on aliexpress the seller has sent it through aliexpress shipping.
    It’s come into the country, it was at Chennai customs, later was sent to Mumbai.
    It’s never happened before. I’ve bought alot of gadgets and clothes on aliexpress.
    I loved this mobile. It’s called the Yota phone 3.
    It’s not for sale in India, so I purchased it after alot of thought.
    I’m just concerned if it’s safe.
    My tracking number is RB559687203SG
    Please tell me if there is anything I have to do.
    Thank you,

    1. Don’t worry!

      You’ll receive it in next 10-15 days.

      1. Hello Siddharth,
        Thank you so much for replying.
        You’ve put my mind at ease.
        Thank you,


    1. Sometimes Economic Air Mail takes up to 90 days(or more) because it’s a slow parcel service. But, If you’ll not receive your parcel within 60 days then you can open a dispute.

  26. I hv ordered a projector worth 4946 ruppes on ali order number is RX730405745CN how many days i can receive my item.and do i hv to pay omlory duty?? Plz reply fast

    1. You’ll receive it in 30-45 days.

      And, You Can Read This For Import Duty: How To import Product Without Paying Custom Duty in India?

      1. Sir it says transfer to rms jaipur.
        And ali express send me message your shipment has arrived.still i dont recove the packages

  27. good morning, I have a query. Shipping guide a purchase made appears in the list of certified mail empiza by RB ends in SG but the seller says it sent by aliexpress shipping standard that is right or wrong I remain attentive to your answer greetings

    1. The seller is right because In AliExpress Standard Shipping they’ve various shipping method. In your case, they’ve shipped your parcel using Singapore Post that’s why your tracking number ends with SG.

    2. product price was around Rs.21000. any idea how much I might have to pay to them?

  28. Hi, am in Ghana and only used my street address when I purchased from aliexpress. Will I receive my parcel, if no then which address system should I use? Should I get a p. o box?

    1. Sorry! I don’t know about your country in detail.

      But, You can try to purchase any cheap product from AliExpress using your street address. If you’ll receive it then you can continue to use that address otherwise you might have to get a P. O box.

  29. hello i have ordered my items through sellers shipping method……….how much time will it take??

    1. If you have a valid tracking number then 25-45 days.

  30. If the seller intends to use “Yanwen Economic Express” find another seller. Delivery times are ridiculous, your ability to track it is severely limited and when you can track it, the package will sit in one place for weeks.

  31. I want to buy smart phone from ali express worth 12000 which Shipping method i can choose…… Plz help me brother….

    1. If you can wait for 30 days then AliExpress Standard Shipping is the best otherwise you should choose EMS or DHL.

  32. Sir, what does that mean “The item is pre-advised”….

    1. It means that They’ve provided you a tracking number and notified about it to their courier team but haven’t shipped the actual product yet.

      But, Don’t worry you’ll see updated tracking information in a few days.

  33. Hello…!
    I have ordered an in ali express. I chose aliexpress standard shipping. As they have assigned tracking number, it shows turkey registered mail. Is it genuine?

  34. Hi I bought MI Band 3 of around Rs.1800, will I need to pay any custom charges ?? My Tracking number is – RB600709025SG and do I need to collect it from local post office or it would be directly delivered to my address, I am staying in South Mumbai and how I can check my product status.

    1. No! You’ll receive it without customs duty and the postman will deliver it to your address.

  35. I have over 100 orders through Aliexpress which have all been successful. The only warning I would give is to not accept Yanwen Economic Express. Pay a little extra and get better shipping. Yanwen takes well over a month to get a package from China to Thailand, which is a 2-hour flight.

  36. Thank you Sir , your article is really really helpful as I was confused as well some orders I have received and some not so came to browse and found ur Article ,Now I’ll keep in mind for further orders.

  37. hello i ordered from ali express and chose premium shipping.

    how do i know if the seller used premium or standard shipping?

    1. If the seller will ship your product using EMS, DHL FedEx, etc then it’s premium shipping and if he will use Registered Post then it’s standard shipping.

  38. Hi, I’m going to order a dress(Rs.23,000) which provides free shipping via aramex. Will there be custom charge for it? And also will it ship through India Post after reaching India or how does it work?

    1. Aramex is a private courier so you would have to pay customs duty. And, If Aramex is available in your city then they will deliver your parcel in India otherwise they will use other private couriers to deliver your parcel.

  39. Thanks. then what about EMS? Will they charge customs? If I’m not mistaken EMS is a part of India Post right? It’s not a private courier.

    1. Yes! EMS is the part of India Post and is also known as Speed Post but receiving products without customs duty is depends on the luck.

      Normally, Seller mention very less price of a product on the package/parcel so Customs department staff opens the box to check the price of the product or they also search on the internet to find the price of the product then they charge customs duty depending on the product’s price.

      But, You can use EMS because the Customs department staffs will not able to guess the price of a dress so the chances are very high that you can receive the product without customs duty. However, I cannot guarantee that you will definitely receive it without customs duty.

      You can use this link to purchase your product. It will help me.

  40. Thank you so was really helpful.

  41. Hello!
    I’ve ordered from Ali express and my order is stuck @ KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO, Transfer from office of exchange (Inb). There is no update since 6 days and showing same status.
    Is this parcel held by custom? How long will it take to clear?


    1. Yes! Your parcel is held by customs and they can take up to 15 days to release the parcel.

      1. Thanks, so i can’t do anything just wait for next 15 days. Will it delay more than 15 days?

        Any specific reason for held by customs?

        1. Normally, they release most parcels within 15 days but at last, everything depends on them. Every international parcel has to go through the customs clearance process that’s the reason customs hold the parcels.

  42. Thanks Siddharth for reply… Is there any chance that they won’t release the parcel? In that case shall i claim full refund from seller?

  43. i have ordered in aliexpress and shipping method is to india via GATI, tracking unavailable but they have mentioned the deliery time within 7 to 15 days. can i get within the date mentioned with out any delay and damage at my door step.

    1. Yes, you will receive it in time and the tracking will start working after few days of shipment.

    2. Hi Sivakumar.. Did you receive the parcel? What was the product price? Did you have to pay customs duty? How many days Gati took for delivery and did they provide any tracking number? Please reply. I also want to buy from Ali express with Gati shipping option

  44. I want to buy a Lead acid replacement battery – ‘Lithium Iron Phosphate battery’ from Aliexpress, since this type are not available in India. My questions are – 1. Do I have to pay custom duty for this ? The products are costly ranging from 20000inr to 92000inr depeding on Ah rating.
    2. Shipping is via UPS expedited, the website says. What does this mean ?

    1. Yes! You will have to pay customs duty. UPS is a private courier, which is very fast. You will receive the product within 10 days and UPS will also take care of the customs process behalf of you.

      You can use this link to purchase your product.

  45. Hi again, I had recently ordered some products from aliexpress. I selected the china registered mail and aliexpress standard shipping. It has already reached India and is currently in one of the India post office. But now I get a message from aramex saying they have received my parcel and are asking for my identity proof,address proof and GSITN number. When I tracked again, it’s showing that it is coming via India Post. And also the contact number through which the aramex message came is not the one I gave for aliexpress. How could they have gotten my number? Could it be a scam?

    1. Yes! It could be a scam or it also possible that your friend or family member sent you something via Aramex without informing you. You can also contact the seller and Aramex customer support.

  46. I have confirmed with the seller and they did sent one of them through aramex.but aramex is not available in my will they deliver then? And also do I have to pay custom charge now?

    1. If Aramex is not available in your location then their courier partner will deliver your parcel. And, If the product’s price is over ₹2,000 INR, you may have to pay customs duty.

    2. I ordered few batteries from ali exp with sunyou shipping method 30days back it arrived in india after that there’s no any other tracking information
      Can you please provide some information about sunyou ?

      1. I cannot tell you exact details about SunYou but as I mentioned in the article if you will select unregistered post then you won’t able to track it in India(Destination Country).

  47. Hello again Sir, the one of my parcel has a tracking ID that starts with RF and ends in SG. I cannot track it. Is it an invalid one? Does this mean that I might not receive my parcel?

  48. what is the rule for customs duty ? under $50 items are allowed free customs duty ?

    1. You can import products under $30 without customs duty.

  49. I have bought drone for my project,the tracking shows it held by customs, the seller shipped the parcel via sunyou courier. But the customs ask the courier company or airline,the seller used. i have permission but the seller is not reply with the queries. Can you help which, airline the sunyou courier company use? And how can i get refund if seller not help with issue?

    1. Sorry! I don’t know about the airline but I think, your parcel will be delivered by India Post. And, You won’t able to get refund because the buyer is responsible for any problem faced due to customs but you can chat with AliExpress support to get a solution.

  50. LP00179498677535 can I track this after it comes to India ??

    1. Yes! You can track it.

  51. I placed an order which I messaged the seller before paying, he asked me to put them on unpaid order so he can give a discount, I did, he removed just a little since he said I already have enough discount on the order, I let it be, added some more products, which he saw all of them, and offered to ship through AliExpress standard shipping, because the normal shipping method there is 4px Singapore pro om… after payment, the seller contacted me that they have a bad news for me, that they just received news due to change of policy that they can’t ship to my country using the shipping method and in order not to delay me that I should cancel the order and choose other reasons so they can refund me… I told them to use the initial shipping method then, but they kept messaging me to cancel the order… finally I told them to cancel it themselves since the fault was from their end, only for them to go ship it immediately using SUN YOU and tracking number that starts with VR and ends with YP.

    1. I have also faced a similar situation multiple times. In your case, you have to wait because the seller already shipped the product. I know the shipping method is different than promised by the seller but the reality is the seller has already shipped the product so you have to wait. If the product will not arrive before the end of purchase protection time, you can open the dispute to get a refund.

  52. Hey Siddharth,
    It’s so nice of you to reply to the distressed people. Keep up the good work.

    I have a question if you mind, its seems they have completely stopped shipping to India? Most of the items are not deliverable here from Aliexpress and other Chinese websites. I was trying to get the same mechanical keyboard which you linked above (87 key US variant), but it can’t be delivered. Do you have any other place to shop stuff and which still works?

    1. Obviously, most sellers stopped shipping to India and other countries after COVID-19, but you can still find some sellers who will ship to India.

      For example, You can check this seller. You can buy the same mechanical keyboard from this seller but currently, the shipping charge is very high. They will ship using “Special Line-YW”, which is faster compared to Registered Post.

      1. Thanks, appreciate your help. I will check it out.

  53. Hi siddharth! I am glad that you’re keeping this comment section alive as there is a lot of confusion post aliexpress ban regarding Chinese shipment policy…
    I have a custom aviator cable which is being shipped through 4px express(origin: shenzhen, china).
    But i don’t know if Indian customs are clearing Chinese shipments or not!
    Aliexpress used to reroute my packages through malasia but i am not sure if 4px does the same…
    Are Chinese shipments being cleared and delivered in India?
    Really appreciate your help!

    1. Yes. Indian customs department is still releasing the parcels. Recently, I received a parcel from AliExpress. But 4PX is unbreakable so you won’t able to know the current status of your parcel.

  54. Thanks for the update!
    I also recently got my parcels from aliexpress, but my main concern stems from china based shipment…
    Sunyou, cainiao, special line YW either reroutes or label their parcel origin to be malasia(contacted many people on r/mkindia to confirm this) even if the package is shown to come from china in the tracking info…
    I know for a fact that Singapore, malasia based parcel are definitely getting clear,
    But Are Chinese origin parcel getting clear?

    I don’t have insurance on this shipment so i feel aa. Little anxious in the current climate of confusion!
    Thanks for the help!
    Truly appreciate it! 🙂

    1. I think Chinese origin parcels are also getting clear by the customs department because AliExpress is banned in India(not the parcels).

  55. Thanks for the update!
    I am able to track the parcel…
    By unbreakable do you mean that it cannot be tracked once it arrives in india?

    1. Yes. You cannot track it in India.

  56. Thanks for all the help mate!
    I hope the cable gets delivered to me without getting lost!

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