4PX Singapore Post OM Pro Review — Everything You Need To Know!

Siddharth Giri/ 26th May, 2020/ Importing Guide

AliExpress offers various shipping methods, and 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro is one of them. And these are some questions that come to everyone’s mind: Is it a good idea to select this shipping method? Can I track the parcel shipped via 4PX? How long does it take to deliver? etc…

I regularly import products from AliExpress and I have used this shipping method so many times. In this 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro guide, I will try to give an answer to all the questions.

What is 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro?

The name of this service is PRO but there’s nothing like a pro. 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro is an ordinary parcel service. Ordinary shipments are used for small and cheap products that fit in a small padded envelope.

Can I Track 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro Parcels?

You can track parcels shipped via 4PX Singapore Post but only in the origin country. Once the product arrives at the destination country, the courier team stops updating the tracking information. This means you will never know when will you receive your product. And If your parcel lost in transit, it’s impossible to determine at which stage of the delivery process it went missing.

How long does 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro Shipment take?

As per this report, 4PX ordinary parcel (or any ordinary parcels) takes between 30-45 days to reach the destination but I would say It depends on your luck.

This shipping method is the part of ordinary parcels. I have already written about ordinary parcels and my thought about 4PX is almost the same.

In my case I haven’t received my parcels 7 out of 10 times. And those parcels which I received took less than 25 days and sometimes took more than 90 days. I will not say, your parcels will be lost too but the fact is you can’t track it, which means it depends on your luck whether you will receive it or not.

Here are Some Examples

I don’t use 4PX frequently so I don’t have any recent example. Here I am sharing two different results from the year 2019.

First Example,

I ordered a product using 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro from AliExpress. The seller shipped the product on 5th September, and I haven’t remembered exactly after how many days the product arrived but I confirmed the order on 19th October, which means I received it within 45 days.

4PX Singapore Post OM Pro First Tracking

Second Example,

I ordered another product using 4PX Singapore Post from AliExpress. The seller shipped the product on 13th November, this time AliExpress automatically marked “Order Completed” after 60 days (12th January). But, I hadn’t received the product even after the 60 days, then I contacted the seller and he refunded my money.

4PX Singapore Post OM Pro Second Tracking

As I said earlier, sometimes this type of ordinary posts takes less than 30 days or sometimes takes forever.

Who Handles/Deliver The Package of 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro?

I am from India and whenever I use this shipping method, India Post handles the package in the destination country and The postman delivers the parcel into my doorstep.

I am not sure about your country but in most cases the country’s post handles the ordinary post packages.

Whom Should I Contact, If Parcel is Taking Longer Than Expected?

Usually, I contact the seller to get the solution, and most of the time, the seller solves my problem. However, If the seller isn’t willing to help you, you need to contact AliExpress customer support to get the solution.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to ShopAbroad YouTube Channel.

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